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Cesare Lombroso Correspondance

In the forge of positivism

The Lombroso Project is an effort to research, catalogue, organise, digitise and make available the unpublished works of Cesare Lombroso (Verona, 1835 – Turin, 1909) and his correspondents.

The correspondence

Immagine raffigurante carta e pennaThis is a virtual reconstruction of Cesare Lombroso’s professional and personal letters. La ricostruzione virtuale dell’intero corpus della corrispondenza di Lombroso. Over 2600 letters, notes, postcards received and sent between 1860 and 1909.

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Unpublished Works

This is comprised of a variety of works by Lombroso – including conference minutes, drafts of articles, manuscripts of minor and even trivial interventions…

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The “Uncommon Writings”

Lombroso collected the writings and artistic creations of prisoners and of` individuals sectioned in psychiatric hospitals. The collection was continued by Mario Carrara, Lombroso’s son-in-law and successor….

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15 Jun 2022
Drawings of psychiatric patients

Drawings of psychiatric patients The archive of the Museum contains hundreds of drawings made by inmates in asylums, Italian and foreign, which Cesare Lombroso collects …

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15 Jun 2022
Honors to Cesare Lombroso

Honors to Cesare Lombroso The Archive of the Museum holds various diplomas and honors awarded to Lombroso on the occasion of conferences or exhibitions. This …

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24 May 2022
Photographs at liberty

The archive of the Museum preserves an extraordinary photographic patrimony composed of over 6000 phototypes, realized about between 1860 and 1937, most of them linked …

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